Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The story that just had to be told

OK here we go, about 5 years ago I worked at a gym in New Bedford. One of my favorite co-workers who was also a local boxer told us that he saw a disgusting site in the locker room bathroom. He told us that he swears that he saw one of our fellow employees masturbating on the bathroom floor. We were all like " OK Ray Ray sure". I mean would you believe that someone would take time out of there shift and please themselves in a place where children may see? It was a family gym with a daycare in it, so children use the bathrooms with their parents all the time. So about 3 weeks pass and another fellow employee comes out and went right to the manager and said "you need to call the police. We need to have this crazy fucker escorted out of here." So basically the sick fuck was sitting on the floor of the stall on top of paper towels that he laid down. He was sitting spread eagle and jerking away in his own world. Absolutely inappropriate for work. Take a lunch Break, take a cell phone break, take a gosh darn cigarette break but by no means should you take a masturbation on the bathroom fucking floor break...what the fuck!!!??? So the sick little weirdo was escorted out for all to see by the police. He is a local message therapist so be careful people. Here is a picture of what I imagined this situation looked like.

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