Friday, February 3, 2012

Home from Hell

                 I'm very thankful for my lovely girls at work who help me get through these horrendous customer experiences!  OK, awful night at work tonight. Party of  10 women! 8 of them being teenage girls and 2 of them being dried up 50 somethings. Apparently their shit doesn't stink. They ended up running me ragged and wanted their god damn check split into 10 separate checks!! Where do you fucking think you are ladies--McDonald's??? Then one of the ugly, dried up older ladies didn't even pay her check of 17 dollars! Whatever, obviously all you girls will be going home to your vibrators tonight...and every night. Did it ever dawn on you, that the reason you are all single is because guys think you are frigid bitches??  Why do some women have to be so bitchy? What gives them the right to be rude to others?  They can buy all their expensive name brands and get their hair and nails done---BUT one thing is certain-- you can't buy class! You also can't buy personality bitches! 
A barrel of monkeys

Goodnight y'all

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  1. Some women will always be bitches it is in thier genes, We must be grateful for the nice,kind,polite and sweet ladies we meet, they are a rare breed at times. It is usually the unhappy gals that blame everyone one for their messed up lives. You should always try to be kind to each other life is to short so dont waste your kind soul on these losers!!!!