Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short and curlies

Pubic hair.

Hair does what it wants. If it wants to grown in a certain spot it will forever (unless you seek Lazar hair removal) Some human beings have more hair than others. There are many people with thick, shiney and silky beautiful hair-----and there are others that are fucked in the hair department.  Some women like a lot of hair on men, others ---like myself don't like it when it gets stuck in our teeth.

Here are some examples of hair that sprouted up in all the wrong areas and or crevises...

You'll be " like a virgin" forever if you don't trim those hedges sweety.



And....In all the right places

Ok while I was finishing up here I heard a commercial say this and I quote
 "get longer, stonger more frequent errections" Really?

Well everyone, that was the Hairy truth!  Oh wait how did I forget Mrs. Fire Bush herself...

Thank you to my darlings Kaitlyn and Michael for the idea about hairy aereolas at work yesterday!

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