Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wal-mart Encounters...

So I went to Wally World today. It is truly a great place to people watch. I also got everything I needed on my list! There really wasn't too much going on there today but I did hear a funny conversation between two women. One loud women kept saying " I was dead S, I was dead S." I was thinking what the fuck does "dead S" mean? Then it hit me--dead serious-- OK, who says that? Should I start saying that? Nah. On my way Out I saw a women wearing white stretchy pants, and trust me she shouldn't have

So this just has to happen folks.....

The White Stretchy Pants Diaries 2012---w.s.p.d

View of Crotch in the front and dimples in the back..very sexaayy

I'm speechless..

Tan pants are just as bad people...if not worse!!!!  Who is her boss and why did he/she let her wear those to work???

Please Note-- when showing off your Badonk-adonk don't wear white! Thanks :)

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