Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life with out Clocks

My first blog, my first blog entry! Here we go.... While talking with my sister B the other day I had an epiphany! Why am I tired all the time during the day and awake and ready to run around like a wild women at night? I am nocturnal! As much as I love a beautiful summers day at the beach..I always feel sleepy. A few cups of tea and coffee makes me awake but my mind is still cloudy. The second 11 pm hits---- boom I'm ready to do my damn thang. Think about it, there are many animals that are nocturnal so maybe it's the same with people.  At my work where I am a server, I am almost certain that everyone I work is is nocturnal too. It will be 12 am and we are crazy little fuckers. (away from customers of course lol) I find nothing better than snuggling up and taking a fabulous afternoon nap.

I mean look at Kiefer here having a blast in the wee hours.

 I think if we didn't have to live and die by the clock then sleeping could happen at anytime. A life with out a thats nervana! There is just something special about a mid-day nap.    L.K


  1. I'm the same type of animal as you. lol Love ya sista.. agree 100% At night i'm restless and will do anything to avoid hitting the hay... and in the damn day time all i do is fantasize about crawling into a corner for a little shut eye..... oh well lol Sorry sun don't take it personally :)

  2. This really made my day You put a big smile on my face I still feel sick but got some more sudafed.12 hour relief.yaa