Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The tale of the swamp ass chair.

       Have you ever sat in an office chair and the chair had a  moldy butt smell to it? It's reeks of someone else's stinky under carriage. In this situation you need to find a new seat other wise your ass will be smelling like swamp thing in no time. The worst is when you don't have time and your boss is right there so you have to sit in the oh so fragrant seat. Then when you get up for break you feel like everyone can smell the dirty smell on you now.

      Who are these people that give the chairs a gassy aroma?  I'm sure most of these people are as sweet as peaches, maybe they have no idea that their private parts smell like a beavers den. They may have lost their sense of smell, or have grown used to the smell their crotch leaves behind. You start to look around at your fellow coworkers...which one made this stank ass smell?? Was is Patty? Hhhhmm maybe it was Big Larry. Oh I know! It must have been Beatrice she's having her period!

       Why the smell you ask? I know its fine to wear your jeans a few times before you wash them---But if you have a desk job where you may be sitting for 8 hours a day your anal region is bound to grow a little ripe as the day goes on. If you don't change your work pants everyday then the smell of your pants with now stink up the chair. So change your draws..change your pants and take care of yourselve and each other.

There are some people who actually have a chair sniffing fetish. They get off on the odors of the male and female ass and or genitalia. They will wait for the perfect moment to scurry over and slowy breath in the persons inner bowel. So if you work in a large office area and witness a guy walking around with a full on boner---then know this...he may have a chair sniffing fetish.

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