Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sir, where exactly are your balls right now?

Call me crazy but this is something that has always boggled my mind. When a man sits with his legs crossed  (the way most women sit) where does his man junk go? My husband and my Dad aren't even able to cross their legs in fear of crushing the good old family jewels. That leaves me clueless on the matter.
      OK so you are a man and you are sitting with your legs crossed...are your balls resting gently on top of your beautifully pale n' hairy man thighs or are they squeezed between the thighs like 2 small pigs in a hairy blanket? I always assumed that they rest under the mans legs just grazing the seat.  I rustled up a few pictures of men sitting in different positions. Enjoy!

This young man pictured here with his pet monkey has plently of room for his testicals. While the monkey is using the leveredge of his foot to make it easier to grab his little hams.

  Good looking out for your balls fellas..looks like you have plenty of room here for those genitals tonight!

His poor balls don't have a chance

This Fella may be a trend setter on how men should sit, his large sack look quite happy.
This fucking dude is just plain embarrassed that he got caught sitting like part of the vagina squad

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