Sunday, January 29, 2012

Was Tonight a full moon? Customers part 2

 I tell ya--- work was off the wall tonight! It must have been a full moon or some shit. Who knows maybe something was in the water cuz our customers were fucking nuts tonight!  Jesus christ where do I begin!? First of all over at the bar there weas a group of roudy 50 somethings. You'd think it was a frat party! It's freakin 9:00 isn't past your bed time?  They were hooting and hollaring to random bar customers. They even anounced to everyone " DON'T WORRY EVERYONE--WE ARE CUT OFF!!"   like really??? Who screams that out loud at a family restaurant??

I'm suprised the mom and son didn't try this activity.
A man and his buzzzzed wife--(who might I add had a short male hair cut) brought their 8 year old son to the bar and hung out for ya know 5 hours...uhh who takes their 8 year old to a bar for 5 hours? Kid you not, at about 12 am the mother and the son were running laps around our bar!!!  Then they started playing tag/ hide and seek.  Our manager had to comp meals at a nearby table because the mother and son running laps around the restaurant bothered them. LoL  But now that I think of it the restaurant was actually closed so they shouldn't have been complaining about other customers lol

Another group of homely customers decided to make me run my ass off for an hour..they needed something new everytime single time I went to the table. The older women and the young 15 year old boy swtiched now I go to the table and a minor has a corona in front of him! So with my job on the line I said  "umm can you guys tell me why he has your corona and is clearly under age?"  The older women just mumbled in some accent"oh I want to keep it over there".  They even went as far as to throw their knife on the floor because they wanted to keep me busy. They ended up only leaving me 2 dollars on a 72 dollar check. Keep your 13 dollars and go buy your minor a 6 pack of corona's lol.
SO the award goes to this family for being The table that made me the most fucking irritated. It's people like you who make customer service oh so special!  I did have quite a few cool mother f-errs though :)

On a happier note--- I love everyone I work with for cheering me up after all this mayhem. There was no time for dry humps and dancing.. till next week.
                 I spilled a lot of water at the end of the night and one of the line cooks helped me clean it was very nice of him to go out of his way! We have the best team work here!!!The customers are a little cray but it's all good :)


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