Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sex, Humps and 3 Dolla Hoes

Ok so it's 2:00 am and I feel like I could sprint through my house like a gazelle. Gotta  love working in the restaurant biz. I'm not in the door 5 mins and a fellow waitress says to me "Hey L, don't look now but I slept with the guy at table 96, we spent 7 straight hours in bed together and when I got home I still had his hand print on my ass."  I looked at her and said  "ok that story made my fucking night hahaha" People at work tell me anything cuz they know I love that shit!
               Just when 11pm  rolled around one of my girls (who I call pt--short for Pelvic Thrust) just starts gingerly dry humping the leg of one of the other waitresses to the beat of an Aerosmith song on the radio.  So to join in on the fun--- I grab my long stack of cups that I'm holding and caress them ever so gently...the cook that walked by at that moment just giggled to himself and shook his head..probably thinking "damn those are some mutha fuckin crazy bitches" lol

In other news, I had these two girls stay at my table for 3 hours and they tipped 3 bucks..(mind you we only get 3 tables at a time) Listen up ladies--- next time you're using my table as your venue for 3 facking hours I want to get paid by the hour. I lost a good 30-50 dollars because of those sluts..well they weren't hot enough to be slutty but thats neither here nor there. I could only imagine their boring 3 hour long conversation. "So Jen do you think Billy likes me since he always stares at me in the office?" asks Sally "Oh I bet he has a big crush on you Sally, maybe he will ask you on a date!" God they need a big slab of cock in their lives so they wouldn't be parking their hairy Pussy at my booth for 3 bucks err hours! All my other tables were very pleasant tonight :)   I drew a nice little picture of what they looked like..enjoy me mateys---and trust me if they had tipped they wouldn't have had themesleve in my drawing tonight!
Yup that was them..
The kicker---- about 5 minutes after they left I was kneeling on the booth to clean the table top and the seat was still warm...the right side of course...oh pew ugh ahah

Ok I'm actually getting a wee bit tired now at 3:15 g'night yall..L.K

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