Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few of Mj's lovers

              I was bored and doing a little bit of googling the other day when I came across some silly pictures of Michael Jackson in his glory. I thought I would share some of these pictures with you guys. Now years after Michael's passing I am learning about his love life. He is one crazy mother fucker. He had a wide variety of lovers from all walks of life. He could probably have his choice of clam, I mean he did date Brooke Sheilds who is beautiful..so he has it in him. These are pics of his secret lovers.

ET loved Michael soft touch, and his moon walk

He always had a thing for little people, at least these ones are of age lol

His smallest love. Where is Macaulay today?
Back when I was 8 years old and watching the movie Home Alone I thought little Keving Mcalister was a cutie! He has change quite a bit over the years!


Such a a cute little fucker!

Quite a lovely dress there mac

Damn homie

Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago....poor bastard :( hopefully he gets help!

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