Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best quotes from my night..

"It's our 56th wedding anniversary, and tonight I am going to give him SEX!" (This couple was awesome and so very sweet)

"I have been waiting forever!! I'm gonna leave, I'm gonna leave, I'm gonna go somewheres else if you don't get me a table NOW!!" (Of course they got free appetizers for waiting.)---It's saturday are going to wait where ever you go! I know you haven't had a chance to spend your government check till tonight but fucking relax!

--12:30 am 3 of us girls leaving together--  While smoking a butt one girl says "Goodnight girls, I'll watch you walk to your cars" so we both turn around and says "and whos going to watch you?"
"Oh it's ok, I have a mase, a pocket knife and my long nails. Besides if some guys gonna come over here and rape me..who's to say I'm not gonna rape him first?!"   I just love that girl!

Rule of thumb for those eating out on a budget: If you ask your server how much an alcohlic beverage costs...your server automatically knows you can't afford to tip...

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