Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quack Quack

Ok, so whats up with the duck faces everywhere?! Ever since the Olsen twins started making their "prune" face about 10 years ago it's been out of control. I think now its natural for some girls to automatically make a duck face when a camera is present. It's time to start smiling rather than sticking out your lips and looking like a fool ladies. On second thought it looks like you are taking a painful shit.

Here is my attempt at a prune/ducky face:

Not to shabby


The inspirational two that started the prune face. They used to quietly say the word prune during photo shoots to get the best duck face results.

Just act natural girls...hehe

Here are a few fucking train wrecks... :)

Atleast she has nice eyes!

her lips look like a Vagina! Prune Vag

Is she shitting or farting...hmm

B-D-F Botox duck face B-D-F

They say the sexiest curve on a womens body is her smile.. soooo more duck lips girlies <3
 Ok I'm out..time to go practice my duck faces in the mirror with cell phone in hand..oh boy thats a whole other blog ! ;)

Subcribe to my blog, I make new blogs all the time! LK

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