Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dirty bathroom sex..

       So I'm putting in an order at work and the girl next to me goes: " hey I don't know where the people at table 12 went, they've been gone for like 10 minutes!"  So I said "maybe they went out for a cigarette" and at that moment we saw the bathroom door swing open (men's bathroom might I add) and this pale, plump bitch walks out. She makes a silly nervous face and then quickly shuffles herself over to the ladies room. Next her date calm and collectively leaves the men's room after her. He starts eating his well done steak tips while he waits for his trashy girlfriend to clean up her wet "after sex clam".  Having sex in a family restaurants men's room ---- what crazy, nasty MuthaFucks.  Thank god it wasn't an hour earlier because we had a party of thirty people for a little boys basketball team. Pigs!  I wanted to walk by the couple and say "hey, is it just me or does it smell like sex in this bitch? "  Goodnight Y'all

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