Sunday, March 11, 2012

My last night

              So last night was my last time working at the place that drives me crazy!!! I am so excited to start a new chapter! Although the place drove me nuts at times, I loved the staff there and I will stay close with them. My manager did his "hammer time dance" for me....picture this---a 7 foot tall skinny black dude jumping like 3 feet in the air bending and flapping his legs (I laughed so hard a tear almost ran down my leg lol). I think this dance was before he had to clean up the huge period blood clot off of the womens bathroom floor.... gotta love the people that come in that place, one week they are fucking in the mens room the next week they are laying blood clots in the ladies room. :)

A few customer quotes from this week:

  • "I'll take the chicken Parmagina"  (Guess he had pussy on the brain)

  • "I'll have the chicken Pomeranian"   That was V's doggie lovin table

  • Server Sarah: "Can I see your I.D.?"  customer hands her an expired I.D. "Sorry sir, your I.D. has expired so I can't serve you a drink."  Then his oh so classy girlfriend says "Can't you just check his facebook or somethin?" like really?

  • Me: "Here's your food guys enjoy"  Customer "that took a while did you go over to Applerbees to get our food?"
Ok off to enjoy the beautiful day <3

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  1. Yay i can finally These are the moments that make our nights, gotta love ppl